Waterworld Leisure Centre, Thetford

Next Mini Gala

Jan 19, 2017 by Jackie Duffy

This gala is for ALL Dolphins. Round two of the mini gala series. Saturday 18th February 2017. Register by 5:30pm Same teams as Round one, just turn up and book in. Any questions – just ask a member of the committee or Terry. Anyone fancy another adult relay? It’s gonna happen!! thetford-dolphins-mini-gala-information-2016-17

Thetford Dolphins 100 Club

Dec 2, 2016 by Jackie Duffy

Ok, who’s up for a little flutter? Does having a little gamble every month, supporting our swimming club and the chance to win cash prizes appeal to you? Yes, then why not join the Dolphins 100 Club? Here’s how it works: £1 a month buys you a member number. Every month 3 numbers are drawn…

A Reminder about Photographs at the pool

Nov 11, 2015 by Jackie Duffy

Can I remind everyone to follow the Dolphins and Waterworld policy about not taking photos on poolside and in the changing rooms. Official photographer only and if parents have signed the photograph book at Galas. Parents can you please talk to the younger swimmers about this. This is in the interest of the childrens own…

T Shirts and Shorts

Jan 23, 2015 by Ian Trayton

If anyone wishes to purchase our club T shirt or shorts you can now buy direct from suppliers. Click link Click on ‘Your Clubs’ then ‘T’ for Thetford T shirt £22.50 Shorts £15-childs £17.50-adults Sample sizes are available to try at pool. Any queries please speak to a committee member.